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the best sister in the world. she loves skateboarding and dancing(: she is like really good at dancing tho like omg im jealous. she gets scared really easily. but i love her. black guys seem to like her but thats just cuz she takes after her big sister Lauryn. she thinks she kinda gangster but,she isnt(: jk she totally is! i love megan!!
Megan Kail- "yo my nigga whats good?"
Lauryn-"dont say that your not gangster"
by laurynisbomb August 30, 2011

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the best boyfriend a girl could have. he may be kinda weird but if you need help cleaning your house he will definitley wash your walls and clean your porch. over all he is a nice guy with a great since of humor. his booty is really cuute too. alot of girls tend to like him and he flirts with pretty much all of them...but he dosnt realize it, its okay though because i can trust him. hes super sweet and a really good kisser. my friends like him and they think everything on him is an elbow. he usually will have a flat top and has quite alot of blonde moments. he is sexy also. i love blair(:
blair rogers- "hey do you want me to help you clean your house?"
Maddie- "yea sure"
10 minutes later...
Maddie- "Blair, the walls dont need cleaning."

Julia- "I wonder how Helen Keller got around."
Blair-"Didnt she fly a plane or something?"
Lauryn-"No blair, that was ameila areheart"
by laurynisbomb August 20, 2011

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