433 definitions by larstait

All information should be attainable, that's why the talented get it.
You lack the hack ethic to comprehend my cause
by larstait October 10, 2003
His hand contacted my basket ball
by larstait October 12, 2003
The average idiot American wacthes up to 6 hours of T.V. a day!
by larstait November 5, 2003
'wordShit/word' in German.
Scheiße kopf!
by larstait October 10, 2003
Pity for someone else's sorrow or loss; Sympathy.
After the sudden death of Princess Diana, thousands of messages of condolenc were sent to her family.
by larstait November 11, 2003
Something that Tom Green is not.
--Tom:"I'm not made of liquid, John! I'm not made of LIQUID!"
-John:"What DOES THAT MEAN!!"
by larstait October 11, 2003
A virus-like program that pretends to be something else in order to get into the system.

From _The Iliad_, by famous dead poet Homer, when the Ithacans gained victory by hiding in a huge wood horse so they could get into Troy.
The Trojans were not in the gifted program at warfare school.
by larstait November 7, 2003