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underwear, usually male. Sometimes called gauch.
I can't find my gauchies!
My gauchies are too tight.
by lar3ry June 13, 2006

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Many residents of Saskatchewan, and in particular, rural residents, use the phrase "up south" instead of 'down south'.

There does not seem to be a distance involved, as in the 'up south' vs. 'deep south' usage in the southern USA.
He's from up south somewhere.

"Where's Beaver Creek?"
"I think it's up south a ways."
by lar3ry June 14, 2011

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underwear, usually male, sometimes called gauchies
I didn't know she was there, and I came out in my gauch.
Im all out of clean gauch!
by lar3ry June 13, 2006

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