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An amazing girl, who doesn't know how perfect she is amazing at singing. Her eyes are just amazing you could get lost in them forever. She is just someone you never want to loose
Boy 1: Hey, see that girl over there who is that?
Boy 2: That's Charlie, isn't she just perfect?
Boy1:yeah I love her eyes.
by LaDiDa October 23, 2013
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A game where while driving at night, usually with a group, every time you see a blue reflector on the road you put your hand to the ceiling of the car and yell "BLUE REFLECTOR". Last person to say it has to remove a piece of clothing.
"I got that bitch butt naked playing blue reflector last night on the back roads"
by Ladida June 23, 2013
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is wearing all green today.. he loves to drink and smoke and riide all night long he is the shit and is loved by all
green man loves pot
by ladida April 12, 2005
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a piece of crap designed for people who are 'romantic'. completely predictable all the way through, finishing with a 'sad' death scene and a clash of bright colours that practically make ur vision blurred. loved by many of the 'cool' people at school, but hated by everyone else.
pardon...did u say crap? u said moulin rouge? ah same thing.
by ladida December 03, 2004
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