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Thank you #6 Definition, now read mine girls! its for you! when you are VERY sexually aroused and really need to get some.
kylie woke up and went to school. she kept thinking about the 6th definition of 'horny' on urbandictionary and couldn't focus during english. her pussy was throbbing so hard and she was lucky she was wearing jeans so you couldn't see the wet stains. after school she had to wait for about an hour til the football game started. she was still so wet and her pussy was throbbing SO hard that she went and sat in the deserted bleachers and took off her pants and underwear, and began to rub her pussy. she leaned her head back and moaned. she inserted her middle finger a little into her pussy, and exerted termendous pressure on her twat, causing liquid to come out of her pussy and cover her twat and hand. she started with both hands, and began to rub harder and harder. suddenly, the hottest, sexiest boy in school, davie, came up. she hadn't seen him, but she clearly saw the tent-shaped bulge in his pants through the thin football uniform material. she quickly grabbed him and sat on him with her twat completely uncovered. she thrusted her hips all around and felt the large, hard lump in his pants expand until she thought it would rip the fabric. there was a large wet spot on the front of his pants, from her pussy and his cock. she took off her shirt and all of his clothes, but refused him sex- she masturbated with his cock. she took it in her hands and rubbed it all over her pussy. davie moaned, 'get on with it! lube my rocket!' it was large, and throbbing, and precum was dripping off its end. she rubbed it all over her pussy more and more, and it was completely lubricated. finally she put it inside of her, and thrusted her hips in a circular motion. she flexed her pussy tight again and again and then davie flipped the position over, and began humping her with a bestial intensity. he arched his back and threw back his head and threw forward his hips with every hump, his cock as large and engorged as it had ever been. it felt like a hard plastic dildo inside of her, it ws so hard! finally she felt him explode inside her, and she rubbed and took his cock in and out of her faster and faster, and she exploded in screams, "OH YESS! YESSSS!" by this time, many other football players had turned up, even the coach, for pregame practice, and when she noticed, she withdrew davie's cock from her pussy and opened her legs to them, throwing her head back and moaning, 'SATISFY ME, BABY!" they wrestled for the chance and each tore off their pants, and exposed their throbbing hard cocks, and had their way with her one by one, and each was exhausted afterwards, kylie continued masturbating with both hands in the bathroom after all of them were fully dressed, and when the crowd turned up, they were all wondering why the football team was doing so badly, it was like they had run ten miles for practice!
by kylielovestomasturbate October 30, 2007

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