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A discreet action performed in public in which a guy has to tuck his penis into the wasteline of his pants to hide his boner, so the people hes with and the general public cannot see that he has a raging hard on
dude its not fair everytime i see hot chicks at victoria secrets, i have to tuck it...its just not right!
by kyleshaffer21 July 24, 2008

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An unfortunate event in which youre forced to perform a tuck (see definition) when with a hott chick, and the shaft of your dick rubs against your waistline with every step you take, causing an uncomfortable build up of friction
DUDE....i had serious shaft chafe with that chick i was with last night...she was so hott!!!
by kyleshaffer21 July 24, 2008

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The sexual act in which a women tilts her head both ways as the man drops a hot steamy load of shit on both of her ears, this is best seen when a couple is away in a log cabin in the middle of alaska, good for warmth
"dude this chick was begging for the choclate earmuffs, so i turned her sideways and laid it to her!"
by kyleshaffer21 September 30, 2008

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