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back stroke is game. A mans game, something that keeps a woman around.
also is a sexual inuendo.
"oh papi, i sit and, think about, all of the, things that we go trough, and i wonder why i stay, gotta be something in your backstroke"<~~~~~Teedra moses

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a blunt with crack in it.
"to smoke a woo banger is custy"

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Jump off can mean anything. You can put that word in any sentence to replace any noun.
"them jump offs is hott" "that party was the jump off on friday" "she aint my girl, she just a jump off" "look at my new Jump offs"

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to put cocain in a blunt to smoke with trees.
"instead of smoking a lacee, they freebasted."

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to smell very bad or omit a bad odor of some sort
"damn kenny, eat a tick tac, your breath is dankin"

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