22 definitions by kris takahashi

the female equivalent of "panties in a bunch," i.e., when a woman issues a complaint typically made by males.
A: "Shopping again? But we just went yesterday."
B: "Alright, alright Sally, don't get your jock in an itch."
by kris takahashi April 13, 2010
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by revisiting old posts we were able to witness the immaturation of the internet from a place of cordial dissent to whiny bickering.
by kris takahashi August 25, 2009
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when one's tolerance to something over time devalues the product.
Thanks to inflation, it takes three joints to achieve the same high as smoking one joint ten years ago.
by kris takahashi March 25, 2010
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one who uses antipathy towards gay marriage for political or monetary gain.
despite being a raging homosexual, many politicians must become queermongers in order to get elected by an intolerant public.
by kris takahashi December 10, 2007
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A cutting edge technology that is grossly overpriced, quickly outdated or just plain unnecessary, resulting in significant financial burden or buyer's remorse.
Instead of paying the rent, Al spent his $599 on a slitting edge iPhone.
by kris takahashi May 03, 2010
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1. A measure of determining sexual scoring prowess calculated by dividing total bases(1B=kissing, 2B=touching, 3B=oral, 4B=Sex) by the number of dated partners.

2. In baseball, a statistic to gauge power by dividing total bases by at bats.
After five dates and only one boob touch, John finished the 2010 dating season with a paltry .200 slugging percentage. However, he slugged a whopping .886 in for his company softball team.
by kris takahashi April 15, 2010
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A riff on the phrase "The Emperor's New Clothes," it applies to athletes or sports teams who the collective media crowns champion because everyone is afraid to admit the obvious. The promised ring, much like the clothes, doesn't exist.
The media has insinuated LeBron James and the 2010-11 Miami Heat will win over 70 games and the title. While they may win a championship some day, right now I think this is a case of "the king's new ring."
by kris takahashi November 28, 2010
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