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The most awesome character ever created ! The author is Nathan Barnett .
Guy : So what is the Neo Geo ?
Keith Apicary : "Ok so we all know that the Neo Geo MVS Arcade Cabinet, is the best thing to ever exist on the planet, that's obvious. If you were born, you would know that . If you don't know that, then you're technically not alive, so you might wanna get that checked out"
by Krest August 01, 2012
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when you punch a girl in the eye then ejaculate over it.
I Felt like having fun tonight, so i punched my girlfriend in the eye, and cummed all over it, yeah!
by KREST April 27, 2003
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the inner lining of a sweet virgins asshole
hey joe, touch me in the red!
by krest October 12, 2003
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