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A shortening of the combination: "Un-fucking-believable"
1:"Dude, that girl is amazing!"
"Yeah, she's pretty unfulievable"

2: "I can't believe she/he did that. Unfulievable!"

by krazynutz November 29, 2007
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The combination of the words "manure" (MANU) and "body odor" (BO).

The unfortunate, resulting smell that farmers tend to have after a long day or morning on the farm.
"Dude, you smell manubo?"
"Yeah, there's a farmer behind us"
by krazynutz February 07, 2009
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A disturbing smell resulting from the horrible combination of smoke and feces.
1. "Dude, those bums on the bench reeked of smeces!" 2. The resulting odor when a smoker farts. 3. The resulting odor when someone farts among smokers.
by krazynutz June 12, 2007
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To make a right-hand turn. For a left-hand turn, see hang a louie
"Ok, after this light, go up two blocks and hang a Ralphie"
by krazynutz February 07, 2009
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