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Originally coined by Quagmire in the humorous cartoon Family Guy. It can be used to make any conversation either perverted or creepy. It can also be used when you see a hottie.
Girl: "I smell, I need a shower!"
Guy: "Giggity giggity."
People: "Awe, man, you sick!"


Girl: Hey, look at that hottie!
Me: Giggity giggity.
by Kr1574 September 14, 2008
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A person who basically eats all meat. They don't believe in eating vegetables. People are taking this word way too seriously, it obviously doesn't really exist (of course, there could be some crazy bitches out there who do eat all meat for some reason, lol)
The reason for this is that people need many nutrients from a variety of sources, including fish, milk, meat, vegetables, oils, and fruits. If someone were to eat only meat they would be not only malnutritioned, but probably overweight and out of shape from the excessive saturated fat within the meat.
After all, red meat is known to just be empty calories with protein.
This word appeared in a Wendy's commercial.
That guy said he was a meatatarian- you can tell, check out his love handles!
by Kr1574 August 24, 2008
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A delicious, rare, quivering cup of coffee with Italian cream inside. Its flavor is bold yet sweet, and a little sour. Contains nearly as much caffeine as espresso. It is very expensive and can be found exclusively in New Jersey.
& it tastes great with baked ziti!
Mmmmmmmmmm, I just had me the most delicious cup of krista EVER! Now where's my baked ziti at?
by kr1574 July 24, 2009
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