5 definitions by klik

The act of pouring more time and effort into a blog than you are able to document within.
two weeks and Jeremy started to babur his own life with a pleasing color-scheme and nice layout.
by klik December 16, 2003
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when you fuck a girl in the ass and pull out while leaving the condom in her ass.
I was fucking this chik but i pulled out so fast it left her with a rat tail.
by klik May 14, 2004
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An unprincipled person in power. An incompetant leader, or puppet of a corrupt system
After taking office, the new mayor proved to be another kakistocrat, enriching his circle of friends and letting the city fall into ruin
by klik December 19, 2003
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A corruption of "bitch" used among friends.
"Yo vishka, you gonna come out with us or stay home?"
by klik December 15, 2003
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The person who mixes lights and video projections at events, parties and clubs.
The visuals were amazing, the VJ was mixed up some amazing footage at last night's party
by klik December 19, 2003
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