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An individual, normally female, which behaviors display an insatiable taste for sex. Unlike a slut, a nympho is picky among her selection. Like most girls, a dirty-minded nympho likes a good juicy cock. She loves to feel it deep inside her tight, wet pussy. But for a nympho, having a cock in the ass is just as exciting, if not more.
I tell you Mark, she's a complete nympho. She had sex with everyone but me!
by kingpablo February 19, 2018
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An extra-regular young hot female with rude attitude and straight bitch-face.
Hey Mark, I think I saw a nympho-teen. She was walking through the halway like a complete bitch.
by kingpablo November 8, 2017
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Like a nympho-teen but for the purposes of this matter is 18+. A nympho-teen 18+ can range from early life where selfies and instagram inspirational quotes begin to take place until her late 20s where she starts to understand HOW LIFE WORKS!!!
See nympho-teen.
Hey Josh, I shared an ice cream with a nympho-teen 18+ this morning before work. I believe she was on her 20s. Unlike Alice (a nympho-teen), she wasn't talking about Teen Moms and Say Yes To The Dress, instead, she was talking about ordering bagels scooped online.
by kingpablo December 21, 2017
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Of a matter of legal age, usually a female within the internet.
Hey Josh, I saw a sign last night while browsing around the internet... This site only allows 18+ content.
by kingpablo December 24, 2017
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Normally of the color purple and pink when on a poster or writing. An individual who behaves with rude attitude and with an inclination to rebel against the older, wiser community. When in trouble, they turn into their over-protective parents or Snapchat and are likely to have a pj party with their girls, equipped with flashlights and maybe a hidden bottle of champaign. The party involves crying, pillow fighting, getting "drunk", and dancing with each other and maybe some potential licking.
Yo man, ya boy/wing man Ryan from The Ranch. Good meeting you tonight sir. How'd it go? I ended up being cock-blocked by a bunch of teens. Let me know when you roll out next.
by kingpablo February 19, 2018
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Of a female-form who inflicts wound with her sight and facial expressions, normally on a skirt. It's involved in yoga activities and it's an alpha-female, usually chooses which bar to visit and doesn't allow her other females to choose. She can potentially end up cock-blocking her friends if nobody is talking to her.

She thinks she's tough until her victims fights back.
Let's go talk to the girl next to the evil-looking female with straight bitch-face leaning on the rails of the terrace! No Noah, she is friends of that bitch..
by kingpablo December 24, 2017
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