4 definitions by kingdrew

dicking- To have sex with someone
haveing good sex with a female/man
dicking- man i was dicking that big booty hoe . man was it great
by kingdrew November 4, 2011
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shanell is most likey a black girls/woman name. one who lives in a city
shanell = black woman, female

guy 1-yo that girl is cute
guy 2 naww she shanell
guy 1 - she black i c that

guy 2 ???
by kingdrew November 4, 2011
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sex in a car- to fuck/bang/sex/laid in a car
sex in a car - what u and ur hooker do when ur in a car
by kingdrew August 1, 2011
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Horny as hell- being very very horny ... when sex is in ur thoughts all day long.
Horny as hell- guy -baby iam Horny as hell ;)

girl- ooo ya .... well ...hmmmm

guy- yaaa

girl well...... (winks)

guy :)

girl well... i can take care of that for u ;)

guy yeeeeeeessssssssss!
by kingdrew November 4, 2011
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