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Its like getting owned, but it is much funnier to watch and can be much more painful. It can also be doing something utterly embarrassing.
Person 1- Hahaha,Conrad just missed a open net goal

Person 2- Ya man, he just got b-laked
by khanvict April 19, 2007

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A teen boy, who plays softball and get struck out every time he bats. He is also the laughing stock of the whole team.
Teammate 1: OMG he just struck out 3 times in a row.

Teammate 2: What a tomvict
by khanvict April 29, 2007

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When someone takes a dump in a dugout on a baseball diamond.
Person 1: What the hell is that sitting on the dugout?

Person 2: Oh shit, Conrad must have taken a dugout dump

Person 1: That some wack shit.
by khanvict August 24, 2007

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A spell used by a die-hard harry potter fan. It is used as a lame attempt to humiliate the victim. It is usually followed by the spell caster saying there is nothing to take.
Person 1: Accio life... oh nothing is coming
Person 2: You fag... (Takes wand and stabs harry potter fan)
by khanvict August 24, 2007

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