6 definitions by kevon

hyrdoponically grown weed
I smoked a bowl of drizzo and i was gone
by kevon March 22, 2004
A very noble and respectable guy. He knows no equal to his style, nor intellect. If anyone were to call him by another name it would be, quite simply, God.
"Damn Magistrate`, you truly are the most perfect person on the face of the earth. Infact some would say you have ascended to a higher level, the level of a God"
by kevon November 26, 2004
when you fart and it travels uo your crack and pops out the top of the anus or the oppisite direction going up next to your testicles.
wow that fart sounded funny mike was that a hitch hiker oh yeah right next to the nuts.
by kevon December 22, 2002
on the damn scene
I'm er de derm scern
by kevon March 22, 2004
a name me and my friends call one of my friend's little fat brother
Fat Shit, take that mean green dildo out of your ass and stop being a fuckin faggot
by kevon March 22, 2004