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1. The act of two women having intercourse without penetration

2. Two lesbians bumping uglies.

2. Two women rubbing their vaginas together.
Look at those two Taco Smashers
by KDcargirl October 29, 2009

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A milky substance found in the butt hole. Usually comes in chocolate or vanilla,.. but other different variations of taste and color have been reported. Not recommended for children and small animals.
It is so cold outside right now, I could sure use a nice warm glass of bh milk to warm up my tummy.
by kdcargirl November 13, 2009

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A booger like substance from a womans vagina often caused by poor hygiene, infection, or disease. Even worse if it is bloody.
I tried to go down on this bitch and a cooger was holding her pussy lips together
by kdcargirl October 29, 2009

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