3 definitions by kdanger

You can find this creature lurking around ditches and dirty swomps on the side of highways and rural range roads. Surprisingly enough if you encounter this sloth like troll you will most likely receive a decent rim job followed by and average young dart.
Bro I was walking home from the bar and ran into Kim Ashton crawling out of the ditch. Ate my assignment for an hour!
by kdanger March 22, 2017
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With all of the morons today, you get ones who stand out above all the rest. They're the special shine types who you can only associate with the top crust to describe people or animals that are ugly inside and out. Can't be fixed or helped.
My stupitard dog just ran out in the street again turning in circles barking at the sky.

Shine is such a shiny stupitard. She thinks only selected people get to vote.
by kdanger December 16, 2013
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The funniest angel in the Garrison. Ask anyone!

Uriel is also kind of a dick.
Uriel is the funniest angel in the Garrison. Ask anyone.
by kdanger August 3, 2010
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