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the damn fine maryland balla who gets props for both his skills and his looks; a reason for non-basketball fans to become fans... nik i Love you !!
her ultimate goal in life is to lose her virginity to nik caner-medley
by kayley January 22, 2004

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What a guy says to a chick after or before they have sex.
After so she feels happy and will wait for his call
B4 so he can have sex
*After sex*
Grey:I'll call you
*Beth waits by phone all day*
*B4 sex*
Grey: If we have sex tonight i'll call you the next day
*Next day no call*
by Kayley April 12, 2004

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The Best rapper period. Tupac sucks balls for a living. Oh one more thing i though yall taking about the ten year shit with tupac. He's dead u queers and he also sucks.
Biggie never dissed anyone to become more popular.
The FBI rather help with biggies death then Tupacs
by kayley March 26, 2004

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Lick the gusy Dick for some do or Bling Bling
i suck him so bad that he gave me his diamond necklace
by kayley January 31, 2004

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