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the act of masterbating while in a kayak or canoe
We were on the kayak in the river and i turned around to see Bob kayanking.
by kayanker October 29, 2010
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someone who constantly uses a car's side window to look at themself, usually to groom and just feel good about themselves.
Bob: What you stop for?

John: Oh nothing, just needed to see how I look.

Bob: They have mirrors for a reason you know?

John: Yeah but, using a car's window is soooo much easier.

Bob: Wow, you are such a classic example of a car-window narcissist
by kayanker January 04, 2011
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1) a person who does not believe in the existence of god(s)

2)high school student that believes the lack off faith in a deity grants them the right to behave like a complete asshole that gets easily offended if someone of authority says something like "God help us."
1) atheist: *sneeze*

man: God bless you

atheist: I'm an atheist, i don't believe in God

man: Then, gesundheit

2) Teacher: Only God himself can help this class's grades

atheist: Don't say God, some people might not believe in God

Teacher: If you want people to respect your beliefs you have to respect theirs, and I believe in God so please do not insult my faith and I won't insult yours... or lack there of.
by kayanker November 01, 2010
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