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(Noun) a person who find him/herself doing favours for a person they don't personally know (usually through the internet)
Go downtown to stand in line for hours for game tickets? How did I become your elbow ho?
by kapweeng March 6, 2018
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Something to shout at males (usually) who exhibit creepy stalker-like behaviour around women (usually). This sleazy voyeuristic behaviour tends to happen in places and cultures where everyday interaction between the sexes is limited, actively encouraging the hunter/prey dynamic (following women, cat-calling, peeping tom behaviour, even assault). Frustrated males resort to even using technology to spy on females (telephoto lenses, mobile phones, drones etc), all the while blaming women for "limiting the supply of sex" or simply "asking for it!"
I see you leering at me and snapping pictures with your phone! It's not the angels' fault you're still a virgin at 30 - it's YOU!
by kapweeng March 27, 2018
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A picture of a penis, known colloquially as a "dick pic"
It's most sarcastic use is of sending a publicity still of the actor Dick Van Dyke to a friend - you did indeed send a picture of a Dick. However, this can be best used when moaning to a friend (in polite society) when you have become the unwilling recipient of a picture of an actual penis.
Two minutes of chatting with this guy online, and he send me a Van Dyke...
by kapweeng May 30, 2018
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When celebrities who want to restart their career claim to have had Covid 19 without any supporting medical evidence
Lena Dunham had Fauxvid 19
by kapweeng August 2, 2020
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