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(Noun): A bestoid dwelling off of its parental wealth and support. Usually lives in solitude, isolated from the social community. Has some intelligence, usually masked by dumbness. Has a weak shell but can also inflict damage. Usually vocally and / or hearing impaired, tall, large, and hairy. Intellectual and romantic properties are not noticeable, if exsistant. The nostrant can usually be entertained by simplistic methods, usually finds humor in the short-comings of others. Boastful, modest, sometimes rude, mostly apathetic. Fears many thing, lacks a common sense of thrill. Considered worthless to the community.
Many members of the community were confused about what they should do when they discovered a pack of nostrants living around the block. A few brave members tried to make peace with the nostrant, but the actual thoughts of the being were unknown.
by kakapoopoopeepeeshire December 30, 2005

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Acronym (noun): Big Ole Red Girl. A large girl, usually stubby and round, with red hair, and pale white skin.
His ex girlfriend was a Borg. In fact, she was such a borg, a pciture of her looked similar to the Canadian flag.
by kakapoopoopeepeeshire December 30, 2005

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A beastoid part of the androgynous family. Depends on others for monetary support, transportation, as well as housing. Very dishonest, annoying, and untrustworthy. A bre's sexual orientation is generally unknown; promiscuous behaviour can be noticeable towards both genders. Hygene is generally unkept. Most bres lack direction in life, if they even serve a purpose at all.
Is George coming tonight? "No, he's hanging out with that bre again tonight." Why does he keep wasting his time? "I don't know, I've met a few bres before, the couple he hangs out with are by far the worst."
by kakapoopoopeepeeshire January 05, 2006

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