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amazing, above anything else, the best, as good as an orgasim
These chicken nuggets are orgasimic.
by k3|see March 22, 2008
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pretending it is your birthday when actually it is not just because you want to, an excuse to buy a birthday cake for yourself,when you want the free piece of cake at a restaraunt so you have a friend tell the waitress it is your birthday you can have multiple pretend birthdays through out the year
Girl 1:um, why are you ordering a cake?
Girl 2:tomorrow is going to be my pretend birthday..
Girl 1:oh, am i invited?
Girl 2:duh

Boy 1:okay you go to the bathroom and when she comes to refill our drinks ill tell her its your birthday
Boy 2:ight, brb
by k3|see March 22, 2008
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pertaining to anything near orgasimic, second best, average, okay
Boy 1:These chicken nuggets, man, they're amazing!
Boy 2:dude, i woulnt call them anything over semi-orgasimic
by k3|see March 22, 2008
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