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A place to chill if you've got money and time. Or if you're broke it's a nice place to peoplewatch. You can buy all sorts of things at the mall from clothes, shoes, music, stuff for the home, random gifts, perfume, to just about anything. There are cafes and little restraunts to eat at if you want a bite. Most malls have other things to do than to just shop. For example my mall has a movie theater, a bowling arena, ice skating rink, an arcade, and a miniture golf area. So if you're not in it for shopping, you can always go to the mall to hang out with your friend at one of these fun places. If you've got absolutely no money, you can always sit down and people watch if you're bored. It's sort of interesting to see what kind of people there are in town, because our town is so boring the mall is the center where everything happens and you can always catch those "oddies" whom you've never seen at school or work.
Lily: Heard there's a huge sale at the mall! Let's go now and hit all the stores and fill our closets with new clothes.
Michael: Yuck. Can't we watch a movie in the theater or do you guys wanna chill at the bowling alley or ice rink?
Amy: Ah. Sorry but I'm broke. You guys go..
Lily: No you can come Amy. You can people watch or windowshop while we shop and we'll pay for your movie ticket.
Amy: Thanks. I wonder what weirdos we'll catch at the mall today.
by just another Teenager November 09, 2008

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Something to describe someone who is very generic and tends to follow what other people do instead of coming up with something creative. They don't dare to be different. In the mind of a generic bitch, to gain popularity points you should join the cool crowd and do what they do and be under peer pressure to be accepted. Versus being yourself and trying to be different because you don't want to seem like a boring, fake, plastic, annoying, person.
Chloe: Omg. Yesterday I went shopping at Abercrombie & Fitch!
Matt: Why? That place friggin' advertises on peoples clothing and its so overrated.
Chloe: So..? Last time I checked, it's cool to shop there.
Matt: But every other girl shops there. It gets so annoying to see every girl sporting an Abercrombie hoodie or shirt and it would be nice if some of them wore other brands for once.
Chloe: Yeah but then they'd be losers for not following the mainstream trend. Dare to be different? Ha. Never. I bet I'd be less popular if I even tried..
Matt: Well in a sea of generic bitches, any person who doesn't follow mainstream trends is cool. Hell, I bet if Abercrombie and Fitch told their customers that breathing isn't cool, you'd all die.
Chloe: Of course I'd die. Yes I would..anything to bring up my social status. What a martyr I'd be if I died for coolness.
Matt: Yes..martyr of the plastic barbie dolls..you fucking generic bitch!
by just another Teenager November 09, 2008

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A poser is someone who poses for something. Trying to be something they're really not. They want to be it so bad (wannabe), but unfortunately they don't do it naturally. People can see right through posers. Usually posers are a midway of things because posers are always "half-in" than full.
The Pussycatdolls are posers. They are a group of six or seven talentless girls who can't sing or dance for their live. They wear tacky, slutty, clothing and hope that their skimpy clothes make up for their lack of talent. I still don't know if they are trying to be showgirls, prostitutes, or dirty broadway singers.
by just another Teenager November 11, 2008

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A word to describe someone who constantly goes to the mall.
It could mean that they shop a lot, or, do something other than shopping. People who work at malls aren't considered mall regulars since they go to the mall to work for their living instead of randomly going.
Tiffany: Hey wanna go to the mall tomorrow?
Andrea: Again? But we went yesterday..and haven't you been going to the mall every weekend for several months now!?
Tiffany: Yeah..so what?
Andrea: -sigh- You're a mall regular. I bet every shopkeeper in the mall knows you as well as if you were their blood-sibling.
by just another Teenager November 09, 2008

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The best band ever. Stands for A Fire Inside. The rock band originated in Ukiah, California in 1991. The band is composed of four sexy vegans..(that has nothing to do with their music though. I'm just another immature, biased, teenage girl)..with Davey Havok as the vocalist, Jade Puget as guitarist, Adam Carson at the drums and Hunter Burgman as bassist.

They don't really have a single genre that they belong in..some could say hardcore punk or some even say alternative rock..nobody cares except for the ignorant fools that stereotype them as an emo band.
stereotyping bitch: oh is that another AFI song on your iPod? well that's too bad..because I don't hang out with EMO kids!
awesome AFI fan: die bitch! AFI is NOT emo..you will pay for saying that.
by just another Teenager September 06, 2008

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