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The sweetest boy you have ever known. This creature can often be seen holding hands with his female counterpart in its natural habitat; his hugs are considered cure-alls in the way of modern medicine; his ultimate concern is that he can make his female counterpart happy. See whipped.
Alex: Don't be sad. *hug*! I hate it when you're sad. If it means that much to you I won't drink at all.

Christine: Awwww. I love you! You're such a good boyfriend.
by julzmonkey December 11, 2006

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a hot Asian guy that is also sweet, caring, refined, talented, amusing, elegant, and grade A relationship material. The guy of a girl's dreams.
Jessica: Hey, where'd you get those pretty flowers?

Christine: My boyfriend brought me them today out of the blue.

Jessica: You're so lucky! Your boyfriend is SUCH a Vincent!
by julzmonkey December 11, 2006

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(v.) to attack another person with hugs

This action usually occurs when one has not seen a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or close relative in a long time. It is very likely to occur after the potential hugattacker has expressed a missing of the hugattackee.
Christine: AHHHHH!!! I don't get to see you for 10 days! I miss you already!

Alexander: I miss you too! Ahhhhhhh!

Christine: The next time I see you I am going to majorly hugattack you.
by julzmonkey December 26, 2006

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