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(v.) to attack another person with hugs

This action usually occurs when one has not seen a friend, boyfriend/girlfriend, spouse, or close relative in a long time. It is very likely to occur after the potential hugattacker has expressed a missing of the hugattackee.
Christine: AHHHHH!!! I don't get to see you for 10 days! I miss you already!

Alexander: I miss you too! Ahhhhhhh!

Christine: The next time I see you I am going to majorly hugattack you.
by julzmonkey December 26, 2006
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when you want to hug the person so badly that u just happen to strike them down to the ground

attacking the person in a form of a hug until they fall down
look at them, shes giving her the hug attack bc they've been seperated for years

he hug attacked the dude with the pastel blue colored hair
by 3inchartificialdick March 07, 2017
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