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the slowest thing i've ever seen next to watching a snail move. hell, a snail is even faster than a 56K server!! stupid idiots think having AOL is best even though they crash every 5 minutes. *haahhahahaha DSL rules!!* and wats this about AOL broadband? fast but cost a few couple of bucks. the free discus can save u quite a few bucks...
dude 1-COOL! I HAVE ANOTHER AOL DISC TO MY COLLECTION! woohoo! now i can use AOL and never pay! weeee!
by juilla June 13, 2004
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a nice device that can cause brain damage. also if you have an MP3 player on it...arghh
she called me on my cell fone last night and then we went on AIM on our fones. then i listened to the new songs that aren't out yet...all at the same time
by juilla October 11, 2003
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