55 definitions by joseph

tha skin between one's ball sack and there anus
i have a saggy bifkin and it is sweaty
by joseph July 24, 2003
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someone not important enough to remember their name
Hey ain't that whatsanigger
by joseph February 26, 2005
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worst band ever, full of cockmongers. i compare them to a big pile of shit. because they suck. commonly referred to as the "raging homos"
dude 1:man did you hear the raging hormones?They sucked worse than your mum did last night!
dude 2: who the fuck are they?
by joseph October 06, 2004
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bam is a turndown word for something another person said... or not giving the person dignity due to them saying something extremely stupid
John: why are the wooden benches so hard

Jackson: BAM!!!... I will not dignify that with a response
by Joseph June 05, 2004
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Someone who acts like a leech/ is annoying. This person, despite being warned multiple times, continues to act like a "scrub." This is a simple, yet effective term for those people whom you can't seem to get rid of!
That scrub just followed me to my locker because she thought I was feeling "gloomy."
by Joseph January 05, 2005
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A band, with some nice music
That midtown concert was great.. but Senses Fail is better.
by joseph February 13, 2004
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When women get snippy with who ever gets on her nerves.
Someone is trying to explain somthing to a women/girl and she can't stand it so she explodes.
by joseph May 17, 2004
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