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chafe is an irritating and highly restrictive condition that arises due to the friction between one's thighs or scrotum area. The result of these high friction levels can range from being a mild 'chafe' or be more serious which can mean a visit to the hospital if the case worsens. However, there are certain measures that one can take to prevent the onset of chafe in the genital area:
- wear tight boxers to prevent rubbing
- use ointment to treat chafing
- avoid walking extremely long distances, especially in hot weather.
Person 1: 'this trek is really messing with me.....the chafe i got going on down here is herendous!!!!!!'
Person 2: 'wow.....thats not good.....i would get some ointment on that or it could mean the end of your career as a world competitor in the mushroom trekking championships.'
by johnstick1 March 24, 2008
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the raccoon is what was formerly on this random kid's head. However it is now being sold by some posh hair stylists as hair extensions for people who are not as stupid/unfortunate to have hair that forms into a raccoon when it grows very long (QQQQQUUUUUUEEEEERRR) People with raccoons are generally peasants
Person 1: 'mate thats a raccoon!!!!!'
Person 2: 'i know its a piece of shit isn't it....i'm probs gonna get it cut off on saturday'
Person 1: 'thank god for that......wudn't want it leaving your head and attacking the rest of us normal human beings now would we!!!'
by johnstick1 March 24, 2008
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