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When kids and adult confuse arrogance with confidence. They cannot be content with what they have so they start causing problems because they are bored. Most of it is just silly shit and get everyone involved with superficial, retarded logic because someone tells them to.
When you wanna stop this highschool bullshitt and grow up, you know where to find me!
by Joel Stephenson August 28, 2007
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when a group of people just sit around somewhere to bitch, moan, and complain about how life sucks for them!
Who invited me to this piss and shit tea party!
by joel stephenson September 10, 2007
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short for retard. Also can be used to describe someone who has an obession instead of a life over something! That or could also be used to describe random acts of Stupidity.
Did you just tard out?

Stop being a foodtard and share!

You're such a HaloTard!
by Joel Stephenson September 17, 2007
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a nintendard who only plays games on the wii because they think having a vibrator as a control is the coolest thing since sliced bread!
why would i want to be a wiitard instead of an awsome human being and play what i want to play?
by joel stephenson September 13, 2007
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Anyone who has an obession over a hack director with a huge head and a foot fetish!
Well, looks like the Quentin Tarantintards have something to rub on off on now!
by Joel Stephenson September 17, 2007
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