5 definitions by joe appenfeldt

the act of tipping a female ass up. pouring a fresh pot of brewed tea into her ass. then sucking the shitty mess out with a set of straws.
for kellys going away party we preformed a british tea party on her. regardless of her wishes. wow what a shitty delicous mess. yum
by joe appenfeldt April 01, 2008
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suprisingly similiar to a british tea party. these partys usually consist of a wide variety of people normally from in or around your neihborhood. All getting together for a couple of hours. party consist of massive amounts of alchol(beer, wine, and mixed drinks). Every body is getting freak nasty in the corner, by the pool, maybe even on your couch, god forbid on your bed. but this has been known to occur. The sexual act of choice is the ass up, cock out approach in which the guy procedes to fuck the female from behind. when everyone is good and ready or your party is being broken up by the cops because you ended up fucking your neighbors wife. caught in mid stride by the jeolous husband. you and your neighbors go each your own way. until the next ass up cock tail party.
holy shit last nights ass up cock tail party was fucked up. i didnt know that bitch was my neighbors wife. but i got to give it to her she can ride a dick like nobodys buisness.
by joe appenfeldt April 11, 2008
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the act of having something awkward happening that happens to be extremely amazing. like having sex with ur girlfriends hot friends. either out of spit or peer vengefulness. or just because your girlfriends friends want ur nuts
wow awkwardly amazing i just fucked my girlfriends best friend. nice cha ching....
by joe appenfeldt July 10, 2008
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the act of semen escaping from its intended destination. most commonly happens with condoms when u bust ur load and lose firmness. allowing for semen to seep from your happy hat. Another common ordeal is when u have a real vengeful trick that pokes holes in ur happy hats. ultimately resulting in a 9-month trip down the highway from hell that last for 18+ years.
1.fuck i hope that semen seepage that occured in that bitchs twat doesnt result in pregnancy.
2.Damn i shot my shit in that hoes ass their was semen seepage all up and down that bitchs back side.
by joe appenfeldt April 11, 2008
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the act of having a party. the exact opposite of a sausage fest( too many weiners and not enough holes). In which there is an over abundance of holes. far too many for the few weiners to possibly penetrate all of them. A party were u inadvertently have sex with more than one hole at the same party in the same night.
god damn im spent, did u see how many bitchs were at that female mixer. I got busy with 2 or 3 of those hoes.
by joe appenfeldt April 09, 2008
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