Ed: I was gonna bone this bitch
Bob: Why not?
Ed: Had no happy hats
Bob: Shit one
by niall February 15, 2004
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Yes, this is in fact a hat that when worn, will guarantee eternal happiness. It works psychologically, neurochemically, sexually, nutritionally, and through various other crucial mechanisms that typically help those (especially those who believe in the BKfitvalueslifestyle-branded @bossyhole) happiness. As long as you believe it is one, any type of hat can be considered a happy hat, so you don't need to buy one. After all, money doesn't give you happiness. Happy hats do.
Hi everyone. My name is BK, and this is my happy hat. When I wear it, I feel happy.
by bkap314 January 14, 2021
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To stick ones hands up anothers bum hole, spread it out, and put it over your head thus resembling a hat
dude when i happy hole hatted ben his asshole started to bleed
by Zamik Aramath December 29, 2010
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