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(n) a straight guy who is considered VERY attractive by homosexual guys--so much so that many will openly flirt with him. frequently the fagnet will get more attention from men than from women and subsequently feel like he would have better luck on the dating scene if he were in fact gay.

etymology: combination of the words "fag" and "magnet"
guy 1: i don't like this bar. tonight, 3 girls have told me to drop dead and 4 dudes have smacked me on the ass. that's like a negative track record.
guy 2: dude, you're just a fagnet.
by jodyOs March 31, 2010

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When a predominently male-dominated social gathering (sausage fest) is resolved by the addition of more females. Named after a spanish rice dish containing both sausage and clams.
guy1: that party was all penis until the ladies showed up around 11
guy2: ...so then it was a paella fest.
by jodyOs July 07, 2009

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(n) a person who looks attractive from the side but vastly less attractive to a disappointing degree when they turn to face you. The root is a combination of the words "deceptive" and "profile".

Note: this is different than a "deceptophyle" which is a guy who only has sex with transformers.
From the side, she was a fox, but when she looked at me head on, I realized she was a deceptofile--so disappointing.
by jodyOs November 16, 2009

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describes a person who is entertainingly hysterical to the people around them while not trying to be funny at all. this is usually caused by a state of total oblivion. etymology: combination of the words involuntarily and hysterical
The Osbornes was only a funny show because Ozzy is completely involunterical
by jodyOs July 09, 2009

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(adj) an act in which someone thanks someone else far more than is warranted by the action they're thanking about.

etymology: combination of "gratitude" and "gratuitous"
person 1: hey man thanks for that twizzler. i mean it, i really appreciate it. you did me a total solid.

~half an hour later~

person 1: thanks again for that twizzler man, i so owe you one.
person 2: ....well THAT was gratituitous.
by jodyOs April 08, 2011

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