All Time Travelers created by God are offered eternal Sanctuary if they expose themselves and take their “Panties” off by doing the following:

(1) Publicly confess Jesus Christ as Lord.
(2) Trust that God raised Jesus Christ from the dead as recorded in Holy Scripture.
(Romans 10:9)
(3) Pray out loud to God giving your informed consent for the Holy Spirit to utilize the Oracle of the Lord to retroactively refurbish the timeline using all of your assets in the past, present, and future via “method acting”, a “bait and switch”, “quantum eraser”, or any other strategy or method at the Holy Spirit’s discretion.
(4) Post a definition of “Panties” for urban dictionary on your birthday as a symbol. The first 8 Time Travelers to retroactively post a definition of “Panties” on their birthday will receive a special reward such as being the winner of any trolley experiment.

The movie TIMECOP (1994) has an Easter Egg of my birthday October 10th in it.
The move THE OTHER GUYS (2010) says “you can either take your Panties off or walk the plank, the choice is yours” on the computer right before the cucumber water/bribe scene.

The movie THIS IS THE END (2013) has a song and Easter Eggs that says “Take Yo Panties Off”.
by 10Romans9Timecop1994 October 10, 2023
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Next to the greatest thing on Earth. ;)
Josh: "I love panties, but they keep coming between me and what I love most."
by SweetBlue October 6, 2005
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She broke up with him at the movies and can you believe it he started to cry right there. Oh my, that guy is such a PANTIE.
by 33AR338445 February 25, 2009
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She gently removed her panties prior to being jumped and ravaged throughout the entire evening.
by XXX October 15, 2004
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1.A cloth used to cover the vaginal area of a woman. Similar to a man's underwear or boxers.

2. Best invention alive.

3.Best attention grabber for men.
Girl:Ugh, my panties are too tight

Boy: Woah, look at those panties.
by Cryptix1 April 29, 2012
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A piece girls clothing that guys enjoy ripping off so they can tap that pleasure hole between there legs.
Chad likes sex but Keirsten 's panties are always in the way.

While Chad's Wife was making the bed she found Kiersten's Panties under the sheets and began to scream.

Chad creamed on Kiersten's silk Panties before he fucked the shit out of her pussy!
by SlopNChop December 30, 2016
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the greatest invention since the female itself. preferably cotton.
Female: "Hey sexy, look at my panties"


Teh Edn
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