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a whirlpool of chaos
an extremely chaotic situation
My life is a maelstrom of temporal dreams and passing whimsy.

Get me out of this maelstrom.
by jkl; October 23, 2005

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Grendel's mom. Grendel's mom was never actually named in Beowulf, no? so I just gave her a name.

If you looked this up I assume you know who Grendel is, so I won't take the time to explain what he is.
Grendelina was slayed after Beowulf slayed her equally badass son.
by jkl; October 23, 2005

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a usually asian card game
2 is the biggest then ace king etc...
you put down combos and try to get rid of your hand
big 2 or 13?
by jkl; September 08, 2003

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