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When using Google's Android text to speech and the text is wrong but you send it anyway. This can be done on purpose or by accident.
Guy 1: "Why did you text me 'I'm gonna do your girlfriend.'"?
Guy 2: "I meant to text you 'Do you want to go to the ballgame.'".
Guy 1: "Ok, cool lol, I was gonna kick your ass".
Guy 2: "It must have been text to speechlexia".
by jkherbz April 23, 2010

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Large very circular and greasy looking nipples. Resembling two slices of pepperoni. Can be seen on both males and females.
Right in the middle of sex last night I caught a glimpse of Donna's pepp nipps and headed straight for the left over pizza in the fridge. Whoa my friend Jim has those.
by jkherbz May 28, 2010

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When a person who lifts weights goes way overboard. Can be used to describe just one part of the body.
Dude 1: That dude is in good shape but his calves are muscularly retarded. They look so huge compared to the rest of his build.

Dude 2: You are so gay.
by jkherbz August 11, 2010

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An instance of total and complete awesomeness. Typicaly used when high on marijuana.
One side of the chicken wings are burnt the the other side is shnarpy.
by jkherbz February 20, 2010

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A: A plastic horn that makes an obnoxious, droning, buzzing sound. Much like soccer (football) fans trying to argue that their 300 year old sport is relevant and/ or interesting.

B: The mouth of a soccer fan. Typical of 13 year old boys going through puberty.
Good old boy #1: Did you see that man-boy stuffed in the toilet at the bar last night?
Good old boy #2: That was awesome!
Good old boy #1: Yeah I put him in there. He kept droning on about how great FIFA is so I stuffed him in there. I asked him nicely to keep his vuvuzela shut but he refused so I put him in the shitter where he belongs.
Good old boy #2: Thank you, you are a great American!
by jkherbz June 17, 2010

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