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a gay ass term used to insult a person who plays an online multiplayer game less then 12 hours a day. Used by really scary, big mouthed, "internet tough-guys" who seem to be playing video games the majority of their time.
Normal Person: How do i shoot?
Fat Chode Internet Tough Guy: omfg lol u suck noobie fag
Normal Person: ?
Fat Chode Internet Tough Guy: STFU NOOB
by jizzy January 25, 2005

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To stab somone or something
I poked that guy, cuz he was trying to get at mt biatch.
by Jizzy March 09, 2004

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1.A derogatory term for some one with down syndrome
2.To insult someone by saying they have a touch of down syndrome

Guy1: Wow Josh is such a touch down!

Guy2: I know! So are Zack and Mark.
by Jizzy June 19, 2006

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