The biggest and baddest of chode's comes with the monstrosity that is a "fat chode." It can be easily defined as a big boi or as we like to call it in New Jersey the devil's torch... it's your penis but like big 'round the middle, and it is (and will never be) a real word, but through the power of the internet you are reading this.
"Dude... Jeremy used his fat chode the sex scene in The Brave Little Toaster."
"Why did the moon landing have to have an american flag and not an acrylic statue of a FAT CHODE?"
by Nick Gus July 28, 2018
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a big fat willy that's really really fat but tiny.
"hey trina.. you have a nice fat chode, looking pretty narley"

"cool dude.. it feels kinda.. soft today"
by nagrominators April 26, 2021
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Age; 7
Height:6,7 !cm
Real name: Jacob Rodriguez

Real weight 600+ (fat or muscle take it how you will)
Gender: AgenderAndrogyneAndrogynousBigenderCisCisgenderCis FemaleCis MaleCis ManCis WomanCisgender FemaleCisgender MaleCisgender ManCisgender WomanFemale to MaleFTMGender FluidGender NonconformingGender QuestioningGender VariantGenderqueerIntersexMale to FemaleMTFNeitherNeutroisNon-binaryOtherPangenderTransTrans*Trans FemaleTrans* FemaleTrans MaleTrans* MaleTrans ManTrans* ManTrans PersonTrans* PersonTrans WomanTrans* WomanTransfeminineTransgenderTransgender FemaleTransgender MaleTransgender ManTransgender PersonTransgender WomanTransmasculineTranssexualTranssexual FemaleTranssexual MaleTranssexual ManTranssexual PersonTranssexual WomanandTwo-Spirit
I don't give a fuck if Miguel The Fat Chode is lopz the clown.
by IM Yndn September 10, 2021
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