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A wretched human being who dwells in a depressive state in the company of mates.They are known to drain the souls of upbeat beings....
"Jimmys such a soulmonger, he sat in the corner all night sipping a can of fosters".

"I know slip him a Jeffrey, that'll cheer him up".
by jimtim February 18, 2014
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A transition of an animal called a bandicoot. A Bantercoot is a person who is an absolute animal at banter.These people can tear down a person's confidence with a single word.
" Jim took an earfull of banter down the pub the other night from the bantercoot!"

"I know, heard hes booked in for counseling sessions now, bless him"
by jimtim February 18, 2014
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When you take your significant other for a drive out in the country for car sex or road head over your lunch break. Caution: Be sure to bring along your Road Head Emergency Kit.
I was really in need of sex, so I took my GF out for a country lunch.
by jimtim June 23, 2015
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Having a wank in your bedroom and calling out for someone when your near cumming. Games on, finish up before they enter your room.
"My grandma almost caught me having a courage wank the other day man"

"No way dude that's risky shit"
by jimtim February 18, 2014
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A dirty little whore. Someone that you want to do, but u dont want people finding out because most of the town has done,or, knows someone who has done her. A dirt squirl usualy sports slushy panties 24/7.
Man, id like to hook up with that dirt squirl

Shes hot, but u dont want that, shes a bit of a dirt squirl
by jimtim April 21, 2008
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