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v. To clean up your act.

balls out
Jimmy: "Man, I got arrested for public intoxication last weekend."

Desmond: "Jimmy, you better getchya ballsright."

balls out
by jimmybuckets February 18, 2010
Hey man, would you like some vinegar chips?

No way, I don't eat piss n chips.
by jimmybuckets June 14, 2010
n. A person suffering from the need to make acronyms out of every phrase they write or say.
"Hey man, are you still dating Christina?"

"No. I had to break up with her because she actually said 'LOL' when I told her a joke."

"Damn, she's such an acroholic."

by jimmybuckets July 6, 2010
When a guy goes down on a girl and she queefs and pisses in his face.

It comes from the original term a "Trumpet", where the girl only queefs in the guys face.
Friend 1: "I heard that Jeff and Clara broke up last weekend."
Friend 2: Yeah, he broke up with her when she gave him a golden trumpet."
by jimmybuckets May 4, 2009