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the female version of the word "fucker", sometimes known as the "fuckee"
Jill is a fuckette; she is a very promiscuous girl.
by jimbobjoe March 30, 2004
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A Small 4 foot tall dragon the surprisingly looks like snooki
dude I saw the Beast and I SWEAR I saw the same thing on Jersey shore last night It must have been the Jersey devil
by Jimbobjoe March 22, 2012
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well i dunno what it means but it rly represents ma best mate. just say donkley with twitchy fingers and prepare tO HIBERNATE
k: hey donkley (does twitchy finger thing)
b:heha (shuts down and prepares to hibernate)
by jimbobjoe May 07, 2005
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some random insult i made up. literally, a person that has sexual intercourse with a female canine against that female canine's will
Osama Bin Ladin is a bitch-raper!
by jimbobjoe May 13, 2003
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