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emos are people who want to be different and unique. There are two types of emo - real emos (no these are not the ones that cut themselves and moan about how depressed they all are with there terrible lives)but instead they maybe truely appreciate the music scene, like the clothes as a sign of individuality and not dress exactly the same as the other emos. The other type are wannabe emos - people who have been self-confessed emos for all of about 5 minuites, they dress and act like an emo but may have been a chav first (chemo-chav emo). These people usally cut themselves for attention or to seem emo, talk openly about their depression (and if you were depressed you would not be doing this-clever people) and moan constantly about how awful their life is when, most probably, the worst thing that happened to them in the past month was having their phone taken off them for a few hours. oh the horror. how ever will they cope :p
bands now listed as emo include: my chem 'slit your wridsts, it isnt that much fun', taking back sunday, the used 'go slit your own throat', thursday, hawthorne heights-'cut my wrists and black my eyes...' (basically anything on about how emotional love/depression/or just general hatred for the world is)
but then what song isnt emotional, isnt that kindof the point. This is the argued debate, is celine dion not emo then 'my heart will go on' yeah. you see my point.
basically emo is something that people will be able to look back on and smile as they realise how young and naive they were way back when. For now its cool, most people dont hurt themselves and it puts people in touch with their emotional side. Plus they have really hot hair and tbh its better than being a chav on street corners with a spray can.

studded belts,
skinny jeans (black usually),
band tops,
polka dot vest tops,
black/polka dot hoodies,
black hair,
heavy eyeliner,
powdered face,
black messed up converse,
vans slipons,
rave attire to go out normally (wannabes)

its fantastic, dont take the piss :)
'omg look at her hair. what an emo f**'
'f*** off and leave me alone.'
'ohh look the little emos gonna start crying'
'hey, i'd prefer to cry and be me than have to wear that lovely tracksuit with socks tucked in the pants. fashion crisis,much mate.'
by jess_killing_lonliness April 23, 2008
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