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Conversations that exist between 2 or more people. These conversations exist as honest, real, open, authentically self depricating and endearing communication.

Through wit, humor, brutal honesty and graceful sincerety, culturally relevant and social issues are discussed.

Self deprication is accepted...BullShit is not!

These conversations leave you feeling: euphoric, motivated, encouraged, completely ready to take action, identify your dreams and pursue your destiny.
I just caught the best Tawnversation on Tuesday's with Tawny Kitaen KNEN-FM 94 ROCK!
by jennyann August 19, 2010
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Somebody that says flirtatious, seductive things, but they're all talk. No follow through.
Jane said she was gonna thank me the dirty way. She won't...such a talk tease.
by jennyann September 27, 2010
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text messaging multiple partners simultaneously.
Awwww shit! I sent Jack's text to Johnny

Better slow down, one at a time, menage et text can be trouble!
by jennyann September 27, 2010
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the act of being vulnerable by sharing seemingly intimate information in order to manipulate vulnerabliltiy from another person. (the "intimate information" is stuff they’d tell anybody).
Jack gets laid non-stop! He knows how to do fauxnerable right!
by jennyann September 27, 2010
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a playful lady with a much younger fella...a feline, not a cougar
Jack’s girlfriend has a 17 year old daughter...cougar? Nope...she’s a Tawny Kitten.
by jennyann September 27, 2010
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