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dirty old dave related to a man who drives a white van commonly called dave and likely to be a pervert with a keen interest in prostitutes.

a song to the tune of dirty old town has been changed to

dirty old dave,

dirty old dave
hes a dirty old man
with a dirty old plan

this is a more detailed version of a typical white van man
that man over there, looking at those women is a ;dirty old dave' keep away from him at all costs.
by jenni October 6, 2012
Preppy rock. Prep ass bitches who wear prepped out shit then you got the studded belts and skate shoes. Poser? No. Prock.
God, that girl is a poseur.
No bitch, she's prock.
Nonetheless, still gay.
by jenni February 20, 2005
Ei vois vähempää kiinnostaa.
Finnish for "Could not care less" or "couldn't interest me more".
Mua EVVK -> minua ei voisi vähempää kiinnostaa
by jenni December 26, 2005
Lacey and I are going to *frolic*. would you like to join?
by jenni February 12, 2004
Wife Beater.
All Star Point Guard (arguably the best in the league) on New Jersey Nets (soon to be Brooklyn).
NewsFlash: "Kidd beats wife in parking lot- gets arrested after basketball game"
by jenni April 5, 2004
strange things can be fixed with duck tape...
by jenni February 10, 2004
jennis wrd!gemma!
normaly said if ur in a realy big mood wiv certain ppl!
hes such a wanjer in he?
by jenni February 1, 2005