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A form of affection between a couple. Where the man lays front to back with the girl. They fit together like spoons.
Kevin and Michelle spooned all night!
by Jeff K October 02, 2002
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Being ready to perform a task or duty right away, being there for something;reliable
When the firefight starts, you have to be my Johnny on the Spot with the ammo.
by Jeff K July 17, 2005
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Rememberin Lost or just remembering things that have happened
I reminise when we stole money from dat bank up in lennex ave
by Jeff K October 26, 2003
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The handle in most cars that you hold if your old or a total pussy.
I don't have any pussy handles in my car so people are forced to be scared shitless by my driving.
by Jeff K October 10, 2002
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Shlob - on - my - knogan!!
--- I gat head
thats just some shlobonmyknogan!!
by Jeff K June 02, 2003
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Milwaukee’s Best Light. The only beer found at UD and many other college campuses. Horrible taste but you get used to it only because it does the job.
I need to get some Beast/food in me.
by Jeff K October 03, 2002
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