5 definitions by jea

another hott ghetto homeboy!!! oHH YEAH
he tha best at freestylin;)
WHOA WHOA its yaser, he's tha best passer n he's not a harasser! LMAO
by jea July 7, 2003
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descriptive word for one of beauty and grace.
When I think of her, I see nothing but konah.
by jea April 13, 2005
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type of weed, chron is THE SHIT!!!
"yo hook me up wit some of that chron"
by jea October 6, 2003
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ta be CRAZY!!! a crazy bad ass fool, trippin out lyke a mofo....ah yes, y wudnt yu wan do that?

Some punk just tripped up and made you spill your drink
Tell me whatcha gon do? ACT A FOOL
by jea June 29, 2003
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