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Romsey: Official Epicentre for Inbreeding in Southern Britain.

Romsey: Old English(Saxon), Rumsie' meaning Piss- Head in breed Drug user.

Location. Nr Southampton, now a landfill site for low level toxic waste. Still inhabited by local Mongers / and Chav inbreeds.

Dialect: monosyllabic grunts, belching, farting.

Reason for existing: None.

Population: 8,000... all related

Drugs: Prevalent.
Visitor: 'Hello are you from around here? Where can I find the Abbey?

Romsey Plankton: 'Unghhh Urghhhh mmmnpppff (trans: I need drugs).'

Visitor: 'Oh I see you are retarded, perhaps your sister/mother/ wife can help?'

Romsey Slut: 'MMMMnnnngwaaarrrr,,, ugn UgnUGN... Giro?'
( Can you sign my Giro?).
by jdm8080 November 13, 2009
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i).Parasitic Fungal Growth found at the arse end of Bournemouth. A particularly incestuous strain of chav-retard-inbreed can be found in the Upton Slum. Chav-Youths in this area spread the fungal disease by 'Bummin in the Woodses' and are known as 'Spores'. They carry AIDS and Herpes.

ii). To Shit. A Public convenience. A place to Defecate or Urinate openly.

iii). A small lake of vomit or diarrhoea.
i).Upton Spore 1: 'Oi fanzies goin' down the Upton Poole Park, killin' an animal then 'avin sum Poole-Bum-Action an' smokin a spliff, awroighter!'

Younger Half Brother Spore: Me Arsey-Hole carnt wait, Bumsy Funs!'

Stinkin' Retard Spore Mother: 'Don't fergets me incest party laters, Uncle Rimjobs iz cummin roun' . . .'

ii).I seriously need to go to Poole! ( I desperately need a shit!)

Lost Tourist: ' Are we anywhere near Poole? I'm touchin' cloth!'

iii). 'Aw Man, the dogs just done a massive Poole!'
by jdm8080 November 13, 2009
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A Dag.

A Small Clinging Turd.

A Small Clinging Turd hanging on the edge of the toilet seat that is Southampton.

A piece of semi-dried execrement that clings un-noticed apart from that faint shitty arse-crack smell you can't explain.

An arse that hasn't been wiped properly.

Hampshire Dorp where all the tarts give free blow-jobs for a glass of Bacardi.
Totton Trash in Totton Bar sez : 'Thez no bog-roll in shitter, so I'ze a bit 'Totton m8', fancy a blow Mush?'

Scummer sez: OoArh winds in west, stink o' Shit,... muzz be Totton.... better check me arzes.....'

Will Shakespeare sez,
' They is no thing quite as rotten,

As thiy stinking stench of Totten! Bluerk

by jdm8080 November 13, 2009
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