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people that go to starbucks just to be hipster.
"omg! a starbucks - lets go inside"
"you don't even like starbucks?"
"yeah i know, but i wanna take a photo of my drink for my tumblr blog"
"you is sooo hipbucks garlll"
by jcritch2000 April 11, 2014

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A hipster tryhard is a person that tries hard to be a hipster, by shopping at indie shops even if they don't like the clothes just to be hipster.
"i got this top from a backstreet shop in town, cause you know, topman is way too mainstream"
"hipster tryhard!"
by jcritch2000 April 11, 2014

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Your like game is the number of hours you put a picture on facebook minus the number of likes. If the number is in the minuses then you have a strong like game but if it is a high number then you have a weak like game.
"OMG. Tiffany put her facebook photo up 15 hours ago and only got 3 likes" "Oh My. I can't even. That is such a weak like game - at 12!"
by jcritch2000 May 24, 2014

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