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a formal greetin between 2 homies who known each other since bak in da day:"wats going on?"
"Yo wa gwan blud?"
"nutin man just chillin"
by jazman June 20, 2003

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a cool guy who runs fings bout his area and is in control of everyting just lyk Jazman
yo dawg! c dat guy ova dere, hes goin on lyk hes sum kinda wanksta...
by jazman June 20, 2003

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another word for bad man or a person wid style, unlike snuggz or jiley...
hey yo man, dat brere is just lyk joogz...
oi, who da u fink u are? joogz?...
nah man, jiley or snuggz cant test joogz...
by jazman July 07, 2003

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We can arl be GEORDIES as it is the people of the northeast.

But you are either a MACKEM or a MAGPIE

1892 MACKEM Football League Championship won by SUNDERLAND and first time in the North East

1892 MAGPIE Whats that arl aboot
DOON TOON was always and is used in SUNDERLAND
by JAZMAN January 28, 2004

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