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When you get in someone’ face or on their case to get them to move on something. Cracking the whip. Kick in the ass. Making something your life’s work
I’m riding herd on our goddamn government to do something!
by jay parker August 04, 2018

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You’ve paid off all debts. You don’t pay rent or a mortgage. You have no loans or leases. You have no credit card debt. You owe nothing except your normal monthly expenses of electric and gas, phone and internet, life, health and car insurance. And of course, all the goddamn taxes you must pay. It’s the good life!
After living a dream life buried with owing money up the kazoo I now suffer from post traumatic debt syndrome.
by jay parker July 31, 2018

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Make America Happy Again

As in MAHA RUSHIE (Rush Limbaugh) makes America happy every day!
We made America great again now it’s time to Make America Happy Again MAHA!
by jay parker January 02, 2019

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